Neil Benedict - xres - XResearch

Mr. Benedict has over 5 years of experience in quantitative finance, risk management, and the blockchain. He has developed smart-contract architectures for private placement exchanges, micro-financing, real estate, as well as complex and illiquid asset classes, natural resources, and futures markets. Mr. Benedict has worked in corporate banking assignments for structured financings up to $2.4 billion across a variety of industries including real estate. He has also served as an advisor for several ICOs, including BankEx.


Prior experience includes positions as Assistant Vice President for Quantitative Risk and Institutional Credit at Wedbush Securities and Assistant Vice President, Credit Risk at ABN AMRO.  He has also served as the Head of Business and Product Development for a blockchain startup providing smart contracts for asset tokenization.


Mr. Benedict is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and served two tours in Iraq.  He holds a Master of Science in Analytics from the University of Chicago. His capstone paper on  Mean-Variance Optimization for Equity Portfolios submitted for his degree was cited in Financial Analytics with R: Building a Laptop Laboratory for Data Science, published in 2016.