DAN FOLEY, Communications Advisor

Dan Foley is the CEO and co-founder of Tailored Ink and its subsidiary, Tailored ICO, a marketing and business development agency focused on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs.

He and his team have contributed to numerous ICO projects, including Permian, PATRON, New York City Real Estate Coin, and Loyakk, among others. He specializes in the strategic messaging needed to carry crypto projects forward to success. An award-winning copywriter, he has written for Fortune 500 companies, budding startups, and everything in between. Some of his credits include Google, Goodwill, Scholastic, Forbes, Thrillist, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Dan earned an American Web Design Award for his copywriting on the American National Bank website. He received a BA in English from Boston College and an MBA from Smartly.

HAN-GWON LUNG, Marketing Advisor

Mr. Lung is the founder and co-owner of Tailored Ink, an NYC-based boutique digital marketing and copywriting agency, as well as Tailored ICO, which specializes in blockchain and ICO/STO marketing. He has spent most of his professional career working agency-side and in-house in communications and online marketing.

Prior to joining NYCREC and starting Tailored Ink, Mr. Lung spent nearly 10 years working for agencies like The Economist and The Writer, as well as Fortune 500 clients like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco. He has served as new business development, account manager, project manager, content strategist, copywriter, and editor for various brands over the years.

Mr. Lung graduated from Stuyvesant High School of Math & Science in downtown New York City, and received his Bachelor of Arts in English at Amherst College. He is currently a member of the Young Entrepreneur’s Council, and writes a column for Entrepreneur. He also contributes regularly to YEC partner publications like Forbes and Fast Co.

LEONARD SEELIG, Senior Business Advisor

Leonard Seelig- xres - XResearch

Mr. Seelig is the Executive Director of BABB.io. Helping lead BABB from vision and concept to product delivery and success, Mr. Seelig has done the same at various firms throughout his career, including IBMS Group Limited, where he helped develop alternative energy and environmental projects.


Prior to leading BABB, Mr. Seelig spent 20 years in the banking and technology sectors, helping lead both private and public companies. Mr. Seelig recently retired from his role as chairman of APC Technology Group PLC and Board Member of Defenx PLC, a security software company listed on the AIM London stock market.


Mr. Seelig is a Member of the Board for the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.